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Extracting the ocean the seabed marine energies aqua geopolitics the water column marine animals marine temporalities livelihoods marine relations

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Unearthing #criticalminerals with @SEI_Sydney 's Prof Susan Park @spark_syd is a 4-part podcast series out now: ep. 1 looks at the complexity of copper, lithium, and cobalt extraction


10 days ago @themetalsco’s major concern: ‚to ensure the safety and well-being of all personnel at sea.‘

Now, they are hosing peaceful protesters from kayaks.

Makes sense. 💡
#deepseamining @Greenpeace #DEFENDtheDEEP #protest

#Supertrawlers are giant pelagic trawlers, catching tonnes of their target species & huge levels of #bycatch, in kilometre-long nets with 200 metre wide net mouths. They operate globally & wreak havoc on marine ecosystems.



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"overall, the mineral use for electric cars is much, much lower than petrol and diesel as soon as oil enters the equation... a petrol car will burn an average of 17,000 litres of oil in its lifetime"
#ElectricVehicles #Tesla #extractivism #cobalt

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