Sustaining the seas has an exciting line up

Gena Wirth

Gena is the Design Principal at SCAPE. Trained in landscape architecture, urban planning and horticulture, Gena draws from her interdisciplinary training to create ecologically rich and culturally relevant landscapes from the infrastructural scale to the site level. Gena leads the design on several significant projects in the office.

Gena was on the original Oyster-tecture team and was the Project Manager for SCAPE’s involvement in SIRR, studying large-scale harbor-wide strategies for coastal protection measures that will be utilized in preparation for the next Superstorm. She was also the Project Manager for SCAPE’s winning Rebuild By Design proposal, Living Breakwaters, a climate change resiliency strategy for the South Shore of Staten Island.

Gena holds a Master of Landscape Architecture and Master of Urban Planning with Distinction from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design and a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture from the University of Delaware.

Sustaining the seas has an exciting line up

Adriana Vergés

Adriana Vergés leads a research group within the Centre for Marine Bio-Innovation that focuses on marine ecology and conservation. She is a member of the Sydney Institute of Marine Sciences and the Evolution and Ecology Research Centre.

Much of her current research is centered on the ecological impacts of a changing climate and the tropicalisation of temperate communities such as algal forests or seagrass meadows. She has worked in tropical coral reefs and temperate ecosystems from around the world (Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans) and much of her research is experimental and takes place underwater.


Speculative Coastlines

Coastlines present us with deep philosophical and pragmatic concerns – the littoral is that zone which demarcates the terrestrial and the oceanic, the realm of human living from the inhuman medium of the marine. In coastal Australia as well as elsewhere the coastline is one of the most visible first victims of warming and rising seas. How can coastal infrastructure be designed in mind of future threat of climate change? What does seaweed do in promoting biodiversity along Sydney’s coastline? These are some of the questions that our panelists address in the plenary Speculative Coastlines. From Sydney to New York this plenary brings together marine biologist Adriana Vergés with landscape architect Gena Wirth to explore artistic, architectural and biological interventions into living underwater environments for the sake of both habitat restoration and building habitats for the future.

Panelists: Gena Wirth (Adaptive Landscapes: Urban Ecology at Coastal Edge) and Adriana Vergés (Operation Crayweed).

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